Get Involved

Anchor and Sail may be based around boatbuilding, but the thing we are most excited about is teaching traditional skills to members of the public. We have three ways that people can get involved, these are:

– Apprenticeships: 18 month long accreditation working toward City and Guild level 2 Certificate in Marine Construction, Systems Engineering and Maintenance (2463-02). For more information see the dedicated Apprenticeship pages.

– Volunteers:  We can’t get the boats built without help! We are running an open volunteering programme, a flexible 15 week opportunity for anyone looking to get involved in traditional boatbuilding, more details and an application form can be found here.

– Events: Throughout the life of the project we’ll be celebrating milestones in each project. When we stand the keel up, fasten the last plank or slide the finished boat into the water we’ll gather to learn about the skills used, celebrate the work that has been done and find new value in our shared maritime heritage. We’ll be publicising these events closer to the time, so keep an eye on this blog!

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