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Starcrest update

Richard Martin tells us about how the Starcrest restoration is going so far:

Starcrest has had two surveyors give her the once over, we are currently waiting for the second report to find out the full extent of the work needed to be done. Having managed at the second attempt to get Starcrest into the workshop [no mean feat in itself] we have begun work doing the obvious such as taking out every other rib, removing the rotten floors and sanding the hull both inside outside. We are collecting thousands of copper rivets which we will eventually sell to the scrappy.

The timber to start reconstruction should arrive next week which we are looking forward to. The full scale of the work has started to sink in. It is a massive, complex job and we are having to be very flexible in our approach to it, but although the work is extensive it is amazing that the original hull planks seem to be in remarkably good condition.

Plenty of boat to work on

Richard takes a well earned break!

Apprentices have been thrown in at the deep end and are now removing rivets like they have been doing it for years. We are all feeling positive and looking forward to the challenge.



2014-07-23 12.25.25

Well, we tried to get Starcrest out the water. After a few hours of pushing and pulling we couldn’t quite get her exactly where we wanted, the keel wasn’t sufficiently supported. So the staff of Clyde Maritime Trust are going to modify the trailer and we’ll try again at high tide tomorrow. Keep an weather eye open for more updates!

Here we go!

Well here we are, it’s been a long time coming. But now, thanks to a lot of help and support from a wide range of funders especially the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland we are just about ready to get going with Anchor and Sail!

Over the next few years we’ll be building lots of boats and teaching hundreds of people traditional boatbuilding skills across two workshops. Here is just one of the boats we’re going to build:

Gig Sail plan cropped

It’s a Captain’s Gig designed by Paul Gartside to historically accurate dimensions identified by volunteers at the Tall Ship. We won’t be starting this one for a good while, but in the mean time we’ll have lots to keep us busy.

On this blog we’re going to keep up to date with our activity, post photos and small articles. Some posts will be from myself, Ben Duffin as Lead Boatbuilder, but we’ll also be getting participants and apprentices to write about their involvement and inviting members of the public to contribute as well. We’ll be using this to advertise public events as they happen and anything else of interest too. There will be a lot going on, so keep a weather eye on Anchor and Sail!