About Anchor and Sail

Anchor and Sail is a partnership project created by the GalGael Trust and the Clyde Maritime Trust.

The project will address the critical situation that maritime heritage is in today, with vital skills at risk of being lost forever and few avenues for the public to be involved. We have identified three specific needs for maritime heritage in Scotland:

• More high level training. This training must be unified across the country so that all training providers can be compared. Ultimately Scottish organisations must be moving towards offering City and Guilds or establish an equivalent level of training.

• Develop public interest in traditional maritime heritage. Building on already active projects and supporting marketing of the industry across the country. This will raise the profile of maritime heritage, allowing it to become commercially viable.

• More partnership working between museums, training providers and industry. Working in isolation has resulted in the situation now facing us, only by coming together can local bodies make a difference nationally.

Anchor and Sail will work towards meeting these needs through a diverse and exciting activities. The focus will be on engaging members of the public with maritime heritage through building and traditional boats.

Over three year the project will build four new heritage vessels and restore a fifth. These boats will be built across both partner’s workshops, with the two organisations working on project vessels that will allow them to offer more for the people of Glasgow in the future.

We offer three levels of engagement:

– Apprentices in an 18 month programme. These people will receive high level training sufficient to allow them to work as boatbuilders in the future.

– Participants completing a 12 week voluntary programme of heritage engagement, learning traditional skills and aspects of maritime heritage.

– Community events throughout the year, celebrating milestones in each build as well as letting people know about the work that we are doing.



One thought on “About Anchor and Sail

  1. Erik Wrethman

    Dear Sir/Madam, i was directed to your website via GalGael web page, and i think it is excellent what the you are doing and offering people in terms on passing on traditional boat building skills.
    I dont have the skills myself, i’ve only ever patched up a small hole on my grp orkney longliner 16″ which i use for fishing on Loch Lomond. If there is any opportunities going, i would love to get involved, no matter how big or small, yours hopefully Erik Wrethman.


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