Monthly Archives: August 2014

The first few weeks of work.

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks in both workshops. Our four apprentices started their courses and we’ve began work on the first two project boats.

At the GalGael, Catherine and Brian started with a week of refreshers on hand tool technique, while both have lots of experience in woodwork it never hurts to remind yourself. After some stellar joinery we started a big reshuffle of the workshop space, the end result being enough space for a 24×8 foot ‘lofting floor’. This is a big expanse of flat white painted plywood onto which we will draw full size the lines of the West Coast Skiff. This process called Lofting, allows us to take full size templates of much of the structure. It may seem a bit antiquated to do this, indeed for many new boats this stage would be accomplished on a computer, however Anchor and Sail is as much about keeping the traditions alive as anything else. The real advantage of traditional lofting over computer modelling is that it allows those involved to visualise the hull as they work. Learning the shape of the boat as they lay down each line.

Lofting for West Coast Skiff

A new loft floor!

Meanwhile at the Tall Ship a very different type of work has begun. Alan and Gary started their time by building tool kits for themselves learning to use machines in the process. With that complete they turned their attention to the 38ft wooden boat in their workshop, Starcrest. In advance of the surveyor coming by they’ve been cleaning and clearing the hull removing rotten wood and un-necessary superstructure. The hull is looking in surprisingly good condition and we’re excited to see a report from the surveyor. More news as we find it.

Traditional Boat Restoration

Starcrest Interior

Apprenticeships Starting

It’s an exciting day here with us, four new Apprentices are starting today with Anchor and Sail. We’re going to do profiles and photos of them all in the next week. Today is mostly formalities and form filling, but we’re very excited none the less! 

We’ve also got our first intake of participants starting their basic woodworking training. 

All in all a busy time.