GalGael, the Tall Ship and the Commonwealth Games

With the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games last night we are really proud to be able to say the GalGael were involved in various ways. You might have seen a quick blink of our guys standing beside a huge hand carved wooden seven during the count down at the start of the ceremony. Our volunteers and craftsmen made the piece in our workshop but we did the filming in front of the mighty Glenlee, so you could see both project partners at once during the opening ceremony.



You might also have noticed the Queen’s Baton, the wooden handle was built in GalGael just like the mast of a ship. It was turned on a lathe, and chiseled to fit the titanium exactly. A very proud day for our organisation!



If you’d like to learn the skills we used to make these two pieces of work head on over to the volunteering page and sign up to get involved! You never know where your work might end up!


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