Wedding jitters normal

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All of a sudden, the little things a person does or say mean so much more. In all instances, I believe that getting support for your wedding day is essential. Continued "Jitters, which are basically anxieties, come up because there is something going on that merits attention," says Heitler, who doesn't believe everyone experiences such anxiety. This type of fretting could affect family, social, and work life. Yet extreme anxiety isn't totally abnormal when it comes to wedding planning. Since we discovered each other's viewpoints, we were able to understand why we acted the way we did during our shopping trip.

Wedding jitters normal

Sometimes it is the wedding day itself that is the cause of anxiety. WebMD asked several relationship and mental health experts to determine the value of pre-wedding jitters. Focus on what you would like instead of what you don't like. Jitters deserve consideration, she says. To ease high-pressure times and decision making, Heitler recommends learning effective collaboration skills. From dating to marriage, parenting to empty-nest, relationship challenges to relationship success, YourTango is at the center of the conversations that are closest to our over 12 million readers' hearts. It is a major decision and commitment. Planning a wedding involves making joint decisions, Heitler explains. I hope it will help you to begin to understand where your anxiety comes from so that you can begin to take action and have the wedding and marriage you want. This invites a less defensive response from your partner. For instance, instead of saying "You left a mess in the kitchen," say "I was distraught when I came home and saw the mess in the kitchen. I, of course, explained that my wanting certain things for the registry did not mean I did not like our stuff or that I was unhappy with our life together. We were able to save our relationship, and in the process, felt stronger as a couple. Does the sight of the dress fill you with dread? These communication skills can promote good flow of information, which is the stuff of good marriages, says Heitler. So to a certain extent, the engaged couple and society accepts them, and the wedding goes on as planned. Those who lack such skills, however, may experience jitters -- even if the couple really loves each other. Since we discovered each other's viewpoints, we were able to understand why we acted the way we did during our shopping trip. Something is making you anxious and you need to understand what it is. For example, a person may obsess about hand printing every single invitation and throw it out if a letter is imperfect. The words "don't like" invite defensiveness, whereas the words "would like" invite cooperation. I have worked with many brides and grooms who have had jitters and some that have had physical symptoms of anxiety and stress about their upcoming nuptials. This is your subconscious telling you that something is not right and you need to listen to it. The experts answered these questions and gave some advice on how to sort out the issues before the wedding day. When you talk through all of these questions, a picture or plan for your marriage emerges. If the other person can't tolerate that, then maybe it's not meant to be," says Carol Kleinman, MD, clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at the George Washington University Medical School in Washington. Patterns such as these can lead to fights and can trigger anxious feelings before the wedding day.

Wedding jitters normal

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  1. Having wedding jitters does not mean that the marriage is doomed or that it is time to call off the wedding. If you are questioning the relationship because there has been abusive behavior in the past, please listen to your instincts.

  2. Sometimes, however, the jitters may lead to postponement or cancellation of nuptials. For now, I'll just tell you when I don't want something for the registry.

  3. WebMD asked several relationship and mental health experts to determine the value of pre-wedding jitters.

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