Urantia science

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No human being is listed as author of The Urantia Book. It became the custom to hold one of these commands in mind for each day of the week, using it for salutations and mealtime thanksgiving. The Hebrew prophet Elijah being taken to heaven without death in "chariots of fire" is said to be a rare example in recorded history of a person who translated instead of experiencing death. They began their mission on Urantia as extraordinary threefold beings: All subsequent history has been definitely modified by this catastrophic blunder as well as by the later failure of Adam and Eve to fulfill their planetary mission. They went directly to Bethlehem, where they spent the entire month of September in counsel with their friends and relatives concerning whether they should remain there or return to Nazareth. In summary, The Urantia Book refers to the human compilation of the material received as our planet's fifth epochal revelation:

Urantia science

It was indeed difficult to persuade primitive men to wash their bodies as a health practice. From that time on throughout the human unfolding of the incarnation, the guardianship of Jesus was destined to rest in the keeping of this indwelling Adjuster and the associated seraphic guardians, supplemented from time to time by the ministry of midway creatures assigned for the performance of certain definite duties in accordance with the instruction of their planetary superiors. The divine presence which any child of the universe enjoys at any given moment is limited only by the capacity of such a creature to receive and to discern the spirit actualities of the supermaterial world. This supreme council was directed by Van and was the court of appeals for all of the other nine special commissions charged with the supervision of human affairs. The young men and the young women. Every form of primitive manufacture was encouraged by this corps. Beginning with the Book of Leviticus, they passed on to the study of the other books of the law, followed by the study of the Prophets and the Psalms. While slightly resentful of senior counsel and somewhat restive under superior authority, nonetheless, whenever a test had come, he had always proved loyal to the universe rulers and obedient to the mandates of the Constellation Fathers. Psychoanalysis , hypnotism , intensive comparison, fail to show that the written or spoken messages of this individual have origin in his own mind. Make us a pleasure to our divine teachers and forever put truth on our lips. And so, on different worlds and in various universes, the Creator becomes known by numerous appellations, in spirit of relationship all meaning the same but, in words and symbols, each name standing for the degree, the depth, of his enthronement in the hearts of his creatures of any given realm. Their chief was Tut. Very little stone or wood was used. It was presided over by Fad. In this year, 2 B. Snow fell two feet deep, the heaviest snowfall Jesus saw during his lifetime and one of the deepest at Nazareth in a hundred years. They feared to go to Galilee by Jerusalem and the Jordan valley, and the western routes were not altogether safe for two lone travelers with a child of tender years. In the days of Dalamatia this tree grew in the central courtyard of the temple of the unseen Father, and it was the fruit of the tree of life that enabled the material and otherwise mortal beings of the Prince's staff to live on indefinitely as long as they had access to it. In harmony with the prevailing belief of the Jewish people, Jesus was long willing to accept the doctrine of good spirits and evil spirits as the possible explanation of mental and spiritual phenomena, but he very early became doubtful that such unseen influences were responsible for the physical happenings of the natural world. During the mortal life in the flesh the soul is of embryonic estate; it is born resurrected in the morontia life and experiences growth through the successive morontia worlds. Those who labored for the uplift and advancement of a given tribe or race were always natives of that tribe or race. With one or two exceptions these Andonite contributors to the advancement of the race were strangers to one another. The Creator covers himself with light as with a garment and stretches out the heavens as a curtain. The Urantia Book is noted for its high level of internal consistency and an advanced writing style. In relation to biblical traditions, the Thought Adjuster is said to be the meaning behind the phrases "being made in God's image" and the "kingdom of God is within you": In one near-by constellation God is called the Father of Universes. Few of these practices survived the subsequent disintegration of planetary insurrection.

Urantia science

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