Stages of coping with infidelity

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More in touch with what makes us happy—what we need in a partner. Needless to say, it was only a matter of time until they along with the help of gravity pulled me down, pinned me, and dumped ice down my pants. Obviously, the pain created by infidelity is one of life's worst. When we realize that we have to go back to living a normal life, we slowly stop talking about it. We rage at the person who betrayed us. When this journey started, we may have believed that nothing would ever be okay again. This is where my physical therapy began.

Stages of coping with infidelity

We go back to the gym, start meeting people for drinks, and flirt with the hottie at the bar. We talk to every person who will listen—concocting possible scenarios on how, when and where this all started, spewing new theories on how he or she pulled this off without us catching them sooner. We scream at the walls. We wonder 10 times a day if we will ever wake up again feeling normal or be able to keep down a solid meal. If you don't, your life will be forever trapped and controlled by the betrayal and at some level, you've made the choice to allow it to be so. Then we realize that all of this investigating is doing nothing more than doubling the pain we are already in. We do what we gotta do to feel good for a night or two. We pretend nothing ever happened. But never to us, right? Give your soul a chance to be stirred by beauty and love and find hope once again. I went to an end of the year bash with a bunch of friends during my junior year in high school. And it will be messy and ugly. The only path available to regain the use of my hands was to go through the pain. If I believe pain is bad and something to be avoided, then I'll have problems facing life. I could either do the painful exercises necessary to regain a range of motion for my hands and fingers or I could avoid the pain by not moving my fingers, which left me with the same quality of life I endured while wearing the casts. We can move past it. If you are one of the lucky few who have never been cheated on, you are truly blessed. We may spend days—weeks—in a complete daze. More in touch with what makes us happy—what we need in a partner. A moment later, when I found myself on the floor sitting in a pile of glass, I began to connect the dots. As I said, I run fast I was on the track team and when I hit that sliding glass door, it exploded. I couldn't dress, bathe, or feed myself, but that wasn't the worst part. There is something better out there for us. But it is there and if you suppress it it tends to come out about 5 years later, yet with a greater intensity you can't imagine. Only this was a church party and it didn't seem appropriate to drop my pants in front of everyone, so I made a mad dash for the house. When this journey started, we may have believed that nothing would ever be okay again. Men and women start checking us out.

Stages of coping with infidelity

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