Romantic things to do in amarillo tx

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The Helium Monument was originally located at I and Nelson, but was moved by helicopter to its current location in Dinner at Zen would be perfect. The opera works closely with Amarillo College. Some of the significant museum holdings include the Thomas Mails collection of Native American culture, bronze castings by Tom Knapp, and a Navajo rug collection. Guests can tour the park and visitors center on their own of participate in a docent-guided tour.

Romantic things to do in amarillo tx

I love to dance so this would be perfect for me. Docent-guided tours are available during business hours but must be arranged a week in advance. The home was later purchased by Don and Sybil Harrington, who worked in the oil and gas industry and preserved the house. The park features several nature trails where visitors can peacefully enjoy the somewhat isolated outdoors. What do you think? The types of art range from sculpture to oil painting and everything in between. Amarillo is filled with dancing spots and depending on the night, you could find a perfect place. Guests are also welcome to tour the grounds on their own at any time. Historic Route 66 runs through the heart of the town and has certainly shaped Amarillo over the years. Museum guests are offered a quick orientation to the museum and are then free to explore the exhibits on their own. The museum hosts well-loved dance performances throughout the year; the schedules change seasonally with different performances occurring depending on the time of the year. Since that time the park has grown to include nearly 30 rides and attractions and is constantly looking to add more. There are many wildflowers sprinkled among the grasses as well as large cottonwood trees and a beautiful natural bluff. From art museums to an opera house and an award-winning local theater, there is plenty for the cultured traveler to enjoy as well. Visitors are encouraged to bring a can of spray paint and add a bit of personal art to the exhibit. The building features an impressive architectural design. The gallery is one of more than 55 galleries that are housed in the Galleries of Sunset Center. I am a true believer that you have to get a good feel of the type of person you are dating in order to make the date successful. The arena is also used for concerts, conventions, ice skating shows, wrestling, and more. The exhibit includes a Department of Energy nuclear weapons transport train, which guests can tour. The district includes one of the most intact groups of buildings associated with the famous highway. It is recommended to make advance reservations for shows because the theater is often fully booked. In addition to the indoor models, the museum features an outdoor railroad garden and a historical train engine and cars, which are housed outdoors. Some of the more interesting vehicles in the museum include the oldest Fleetwood in existence, the first Itasca motorhome to be built, and the Flxible Bus from the movie RV. Some of the significant museum holdings include the Thomas Mails collection of Native American culture, bronze castings by Tom Knapp, and a Navajo rug collection.

Romantic things to do in amarillo tx

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  1. The center has an outdoor sculpture garden and many opportunities to view and shop for art.

  2. The museum includes interactive exhibits that teach visitors about horse anatomy, riding, and more.

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