Romanian wedding traditions

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The ceremony was a very traditional one. One of dishes served at the Romanian wedding reception is "sarmale". First a bride and all the female guests start to dance. I knew that was a very important to my future in-laws, however my family loves to dance as well. Men can join them but for this privilege they have to pay some money. The wedding does not just consist of the big day. After few minutes the groom accepts the conditions and the bride is returned to the wedding reception. If anyone is holding back and "surprises" others down the road then trust will be broken and everyone will be walking on eggshells for the duration of the wedding planning. Before this dish is eaten everyone says the Christian prayer Our Father.

Romanian wedding traditions

Well, all you have to do is replace the "Greek" with "Romanian," and you could have been at my wedding. Recipes differ from region to region. If you are blending two religions, there will likely be lots of discussion around what faith the ceremony will take place in. My husband and I decided to post pone our honeymoon by a couple of days to spend time with the wonderful people who had come from such distances to celebrate our special day. A godmother stands next to the bride and holds about a metre high candle with flower ornaments. Source Wedding Ceremony One issue for many couples and families is the wedding ceremony. Even though I knew my family would embrace the ethnic dancing, we compromised by also having a DJ. Weddings are emotionally charged experiences for all involved. The day was filled culture, traditions, and "we must do it this way. After few minutes the groom accepts the conditions and the bride is returned to the wedding reception. So here are some of the things that we did and some of the things that we learned along the way. They hide her in a local bar. Guests are expected to bring money as a wedding present. Compromise Be prepared to compromise. In multicultural weddings, often times there is even more compromise that is needed. When getting out of the church newlyweds kick the already mentioned bucket spill out the water. The bride and groom wear special crowns. As part of the ceremony a bride and groom eat some bread and drink wine. It is believed that this dish is very good against the hangover. It was very ornate and full of symbolism. The civil ceremony in the state office is obligatory. Not only did we have a wedding cake, which was important to me, we had traditional Romanian desserts. A kidnapping of a bride is tradition appearing in quite many countries. There are readings from the Bible. One of dishes served at the Romanian wedding reception is "sarmale". But there are also communties where the groom is asked to make a speech all about his undeniable love for the bride.

Romanian wedding traditions

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  1. Many priests and rabbis are willing to share the blessing of the marriage and have some sort of combined ceremony.

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