Road trip comedy movies

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Cuaron would go on to direct giant, visionary films like Gravity and Children of Men , but Y Tu Mama Tambien is a small, ruthlessly intimate tale. Despite having some heinous depictions of Native Americans, this western from director John Ford starring John Wayne in his breakout role is a masterclass in filmmaking. The film follows William Miller, a budding music critic with only fifteen years of life under his belt. If the hallmark of road trip films is travel as a conduit for change, Almost Famous is that idea distilled down to its core. This reverse mystery begins with the death of a young woman Sandrine Bonnaire who had wandered the French countryside.

Road trip comedy movies

For folk singer Llewyn Davis Oscar Isaac , life is more of a series of events that happen to him rather than events that he takes an active role in. Jake and Elwood Blues are a pair of seedy musicians, seeking to save the boys home where they grew up from closure, if only to give themselves some form of redemption. Problem is, their scruffy appearance and relaxed attitude toward local customs have a way of attracting untoward attention from The Man. Almost Famous Destination: So, determined, he makes the journey on his extremely slow lawn tractor. That Griswold is not a taskmaster, but rather a loving and caring dad and husband, only heightens the comic tragedy of the whole endeavor. Llewyn is grieving after the suicide of his musical partner and his travels to Chicago and back to New York are part of his search for meaning and a way out of his mundane cyclical existence. Naturally, the slow journey in close quarters brings the two closer together — and brings up long-buried family secrets. Ostensibly traveling to volunteer at a leper colony, Guevara and his riding partner are confronted with the disparity between the upper class that they belong to and the abject poverty that they discover along the way. They were far from the first mismatched couple to find adventure on the road, but bounty hunter Jack Walsh Robert De Niro and Mafia-crossing accountant Jonathan Mardukas Charles Grodin are among the most entertaining to watch. Almost Famous is Crowe at his best. My Own Private Idaho Destination: Give Screen Rant a Thumbs up! A reunion with the family that Travis Harry Dean Stanton , an amnesiac who mysteriously wanders out of the desert, had forgotten. A teenager Julia Garner and her grandmother Lily Tomlin hit the road together, the former seeking money to pay for an abortion and the latter grieving the recent death of her longterm partner. Easy Rider is all about the trip. It is a singular entry into the road movie genre, and one that will stay with you for a while after the trip has ended. A Kazakh celebrity Sacha Baron Cohen travels to the United States to make a documentary for the folks back home; soon after arriving, he becomes captivated by the sight of Pamela Anderson and heads across the country to make her his wife. Y Tu Mama Tambien presents sexuality as a nuclear bomb. The expected hijinks and humor that, as dumb and childish as it might be, is still funnier than it has any right to be. Where most road trip films zig, Dumb and Dumber zags. Paris, Texas Destination: The titular stagecoach is carrying passengers from Arizona territory to Lordsburg, New Mexico in To a certain extent, that is the gist of the entire film. A Fourth of July stripping convention in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where Mike Lane Channing Tatum will join his former co-workers for one last hurrah after getting out of the stripping business several years ago. It makes for an intoxicating mixture of joy and sadness, and a trip that we would love to take.

Road trip comedy movies

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  1. New York City, where heiress Ellie Andrews Claudette Colbert plans to reunite with a fiance her father disapproves of.

  2. Flush with the proceeds after selling a bunch of cocaine to their connection Phil Spector , freewheeling Wyatt Peter Fonda and Billy Dennis Hopper head east from Los Angeles on their motorcycles, hoping to make it to New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras. David Lynch directed the film, shooting the entire movie along the actual route Alvin took to find his brother.

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