Reasons for infidelity

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Women who have spouses or partners who are absent for long periods of time related to work military service, for example may also turn to sex and affairs to fill what feels like an untenable emptiness. The majority of my clients are women ages twenty through forty, and most of them have done a lot of thinking and talking about their sexuality before coming to see me. When one partner is absent for a long time, the other partner is lonely and to keep herself or himself busy, find new activities which might involve interacting with other people where they get a little too involved with someone. This often results when one partner is living a very successful and busy life and does not have time for his spouse and the spouse does not have a very active role to play except manage the home and look after kids. In truth, some women cheat because they receive little sex or physical intimacy from their spouse. Dishonesty is often but certainly not always part of an infidelity. Falling in love with someone new.

Reasons for infidelity

If a tool would facilitate the conversation or if you need some structure around it, take a questionnaire together and compare answers. Study your sexuality as you would any other subject you were trying to master. But first a disclaimer: So for the purpose of this piece, I am going to take a bit of time to talk about what I believe leads to infidelity and then later talk briefly about damage repair after the fact and what I see in my work when sitting with couples going through this often torturous time. The unhappiness only started after I found out that my husband had broken his vows to love, honor, and cherish and then tried to gaslight me to believe that I was crazy to think he was cheating and lying about it. Weiss is a clinical psychotherapist and educator. And the Survey Says Lack of sexual satisfaction in your primary relationship. More and more people are choosing lifestyles and relationships that are non-monogamous. For example, one man in the study stated that he felt he needed more sex in his life to reward him for performing well at his job. The infidelity sits in the room like another person or an object that was propelled into the scene like a bomb, ravaging lives. Couples also drift apart when they spend too much time away from each other and they no longer feel connected or attached as before and this is also a reason for infidelity. Though a substantial number felt no guilt at all, the majority did experience guilt and anxiety, even those who engaged in multiple affairs. People fall into routines which take the excitement from their lives including their bedroom lives and this often leads to infidelity when one partner is no longer satisfied in the relationship and seeks something new and thrilling. In fact, attraction to other people seemed to her to be a normal aspect of marriage, even happy marriages. Recall that the large majority of the sample were women. In these cases sex may be not as often as they would like or as fulfilling as they would like; either because they are not receiving pleasure or reaching climax, or because it lacks a certain chemistry or passion. To some it may indeed refer to sexual intercourse only. He has provided sexual addiction treatment training internationally for psychology professionals, addiction treatment centers, and the US military. Boredom You might not believe it but boredom is one of the main causes of infidelity. In truth, some women cheat because they receive little sex or physical intimacy from their spouse. In a survey conducted by Loras College psychologist Julia Omarzu and colleagues, people currently or recently engaged in an extra-marital affair were asked to report on their emotional experiences during the affair. Porn addiction Porn content is very easily available on the internet and this is one of the major causes of destroyed relationships these days. If a couple chooses to address the situation together, couples counseling can turn a relationship crisis into a growth opportunity. Living apart for a long time These days a lot of couples are working hard day and night to establish themselves in the society and live a better life but in doing so, they end up being apart for long periods of time which is not good for their relationships. So what happens when an infidelity has taken place?

Reasons for infidelity

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  1. For these women, going outside the relationship for sex may be a logical, even healthy answer.

  2. Partners may grow apart and, as they do, fail to acknowledge the needs that both have in their relationship. It is the meaning we attach to the act and the way we proceed with the information once it has been made known.

  3. There have been many examples where a spouse reported that he or she found a coworker with whom they could share their problems and feel comfortable with and this was the beginning of the affair.

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