Public law 102 14

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A non-Jewish court would never judge people according to Jewish law from the Talmud, these are most definitely Jewish Talmud based Noahide courts. It might even be the case that the substitution by the tanna of the school of Manasseh of emasculation and forbidden mixtures of plants for the establishment of a judicial system and blasphemy Sanh. We must lead the smaller Jewish communities in other countries and continents, even in Erety Israel [Israel-Palestine], which must learn heavily on American support for its economic and spiritual survival. Now let's look at what Cutting Edge revealed about these Noahide Laws: Lubavitch sect claims its leader is the Messiah: Isaac Luria Levi , a cabalist, pretends to be the Messiah, son of Joseph.

Public law 102 14

The main point to be grasped is that this False Messiah will claim to be Jewish, and an orthodox Jew at that. Are non-Jews not allowed to question or disparage the Jewish religion or Jewish god of the Talmud? A seventh commandment was added after the Flood—not to eat flesh that had been cut from a living animal Gen. This public law singles out one Jewish group for special honor, saying that they embody the principles of these Noahide Laws. Thou shalt not be cruel to animals. But if such powers were evidently denied to the great ones of the past how does the Zaddik come to have them? Sinai and consequently, binding upon all mankind. They were introduced later in a book called The Talmud A Jewish holy book. Our listeners should immediately be alerted by this revelation, because, on July 17, , we studied the beliefs of the Pharisees and discovered that they were occutlic. While many additions were made to these laws by some of the tannaim—e. As basic statutes safe-guarding monotheism and guaranteeing proper ethical conduct in society, These Laws provided a legal framework for alien residents Non-Jews in Jewish Territory [When did the United States become Jewish territory? To find out if this law has anything to do with Judaism, we need to turn to a respectable Jewish source for some information. The title seems so innocuous that no one would think twice about it if they happened to just see it; however, this law is very sinister in its implications. Lubavitch sect claims its leader is the Messiah: This was commanded to Noah for the first time along with the permission of eating meat. A wonder-healer and miracle-worker, in the eyes of his followers he is a combination of confessor, moral instructor, and practical adviser. The United States is considered by many Jews as "Their" stronghold and "Their" headquarters for eventual world domination. They are meant to be a substitute for the Ten Commandments. The largest concentration of our best elements are in America. Before I tell you what this new development is, I feel the need to lay some groundwork of understanding first. The hasidic answer is generally in the negative. The penalty for violating any of these Noahide Laws is spelled out on page of the Encyclopedia Judaica, " The Noachide are required to establish coutts of Justice in every city and province; and these courts are to judge the people with regard to the six laws and to warn them against the transgression of any of them. Also the Jews would not pay the same penalty for violating these laws. These seven laws are a counterfeit of the Ten Commandments, and are promoted by the Neo-Pharisee occult group, the Lubavitchers. Public Law is an American federal law passed in

Public law 102 14

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