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Me, personally…I say love it! Martin Luther King Jr. As for me, I take the side of what is right. A dismissal without prejudice permits a new lawsuit to be brought on the same grounds because no decision has been reached about the controversy on its merits. Then there is another simple reason: A lot of his opponents know, but are unlikely to admit, that if they had been in the same position as MLK, they would have probably strived to achieve the same level of fairness and success that he had.


Martin Luther King Jr. When a lawsuit is dismissed Without Prejudice , it signifies that none of the rights or privileges of the individual involved are considered to be lost or waived. Tell a friend about us , add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content. I do, however, have my own suspicions. In the civil law prejudice signifies a tort or injury; as the act of one man should never prejudice another. People simply choose to be racist just because they were brought up that way or maybe somehow became that way due to some strange, traumatic occurrence in life. But how can you have racial equality if there is to be no such thing as White History Month, Chinese History Month, etc.? I feel he was great in the fact that he saw a problem that needed to be fixed and succeeded at finding peaceful ways to fix it…even though some of these ways landed him and his supporters in jail, if not in the morgue altogether. Not everyone in the United States will agree with this, however. A leaning toward one side of a cause for some reason other than a conviction of its justice. I recall hearing one friend remark: A decision resulting in prejudicial error substantially affects an appellant's legal rights and is often the ground for a reversal of the judgment and for the granting of a new trial. The purpose and effect of the words without prejudice in a judgment, order, or decree dismissing a suit are to prohibit the defendant from using the defense of Res Judicata in any later action by the same plaintiff on the subject matter. A dismissal with prejudice, however, is a bar to relitigation of the subject matter. Encouraging blacks to honor Black History Month does not hurt anything, so why should it bother me? Then there is another simple reason: Day — love it, or leave it? The whole subject in litigation is as much open to a subsequent suit as if no suit had ever been brought. But later in life, I discovered that George Washington actually ordered a number of villages occupied by native Americans to be inhumanely burnt to the ground. As a matter of fact, sometimes I smile when I see them having a good time with it just as I do anyone else in the midst of a fun proceeding. A judge ought to be without prejudice, and he cannot therefore sit in a case where he has any interest, or when a near relation is a part, or where he has been of counsel for one of the parties. Why let it bother you? A juror can be disqualified from a case for being prejudiced, if his or her views on a subject or attitude toward a party will unduly influence the final decision. You could put it in a pink bikini and call it Perez Hilton…but it would still be wrong regardless. Black History Month, therefore, has a way of keeping a racial hatred burning, making some whites despise blacks all the more for it.


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  1. Back to white people being peeved about Black History Month…as much as I hate to admit it, I really do find a bit of agreement here.

  2. In the civil law prejudice signifies a tort or injury; as the act of one man should never prejudice another.

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