Novena prayer for a cheating husband

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Pray for him daily - it could be one prayer said over several days. God sees you and loves you and in your pain he will draw you to himself and make you a saint if you let him. Returning home to find his wife gone, he was overcome by grief and remorse. Understand how this foul spirit ties the cheating husband. It will not be out of place to make a vow to God for what you will do or give to the growth of God's kingdom when your prayer is answered. Perhaps you want others to join you in prayers at a certain time on one of the points?

Novena prayer for a cheating husband

This is the spirit that makes him want to have sex with as many women as comes his way. As you pray, God will also give you wisdom to alter those things that will hasten his turnaround. Your prayer for the cheating husband should flow like this. When Samson, in the heat of his travails, prayed the prayer, a stronger than he, came to his rescue. Before long, he grew disinterested and started to seek fulfillment in other areas. Her decision to stay with Christopher may not be one to be imitated, but her selflessness and love are certainly to be admired. Or do you want to share an experience or a thought on the matter? Proverbs 5 Pray against the influence and domination of wrong company on him. He moved from mistress to mistress, all the while ridiculing his wife for her piety. This includes friends and acquaintances that inject the dirty habits on his weak mind. Born in Rome in , the aristocratic Elizabeth was blissfully happy when she first married Christopher Mora. Perhaps you want others to join you in prayers at a certain time on one of the points? Prayer for the cheating husband can get rid of influences and habits whether they are forming or have become hardcore. There was one last blow for Elizabeth to suffer, though: It was that same spirit that entered Samson and he handed his destiny over to Delilah in Judges Chapter Even if the cheating man wanted, he could not stop adultery altogether on his own, at this level. Pray for the right company of people for him. She lived in the hope that her love would lead him to conversion. Glory be to Your Name in Jesus Name. I plead the Blood of Jesus over him as I command his spirit and mind to be healed of every affliction of the enemy and be cleansed from every strange and unrighteous and lustful desire Matthew 8: Francis de Sales, that certain saints are to be admired but not imitated. This third category that has physically separated from his wife is as good as lost to the other woman if nothing drastic is done. The answer you seek could come quicker than you imagine, or take several praying days to show up, but the effect will be a lifetime. He doted on her, particularly pleased to show her off to his friends. But you will require fresh wisdom to keep the victory.

Novena prayer for a cheating husband

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  1. The prayer of deliverance is one of the most powerful weapons of the Spirit that could save the man from the clutches of the strange woman or women, yes!

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