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I met Nikki and Chris through my sister Julie. You and Tommy were a joy to work with! We cant thank her enough for traveling for us, and making our dream day perfect. She captured the love and beauty of this day. We were so happy to be part of this special day for you guys!


This class is designed to empower women by bringing them into a full awareness of the female essence. I love working with your family! Patiently waiting my special day, she went above and beyond to get awesome We would have driven much farther for you guys!! Now, 2 years later and many photo shoots late You guys are the best! To maintain personal hygiene, please bring your own mat, blocks, and strap. I first saw Nikki's work on Facebook with a friend of mine posted photos of her wedding day. It means so much to us! She did a phenome Aromatherapy and essential oils are used to deepen the awareness and heighten the senses of our couples. Class begins with a sensual yoga flow warm up, specifically for women to delve deeper into their feminine power. Photos were my 1 priority and nikki knocked them out of the park!!! We cant thank her enough for traveling for us, and making our dream day perfect. Nikki did my wedding photos back in March and I'm speechless. She was a ple This class provides a supportive environment, where students are encouraged to support each other through applause and positive reinforcement. This is a commercial pop dance class with an edgy and alluring appeal focusing on partner-work, staging, and props. She's one of those people that makes you feel right at home and like Technique, style, and performance quality are all greatly emphasized throughout the class. I had not met Nikki yet, but I started to follow photos of her work on Facebook. Not only does she capture amazing photos, she makes it comfortable and fun. Energy is our original commercial pop dance class. Attire for class includes working in street shoes and heels. No need to bring a partner - Groups and partners will be assigned in class.


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  1. We had a great time with you guys, and your wedding was so sweet! I was the youngest black belt in Shotokan Karate in my country, achieving it at 7 years old.

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