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Elphaba is angry, as she has always looked after her sister. And I loved that she just wanted to belong with everyone. But like most young people, she reaches an age where that drive to come into who she wants to be as a person takes over. Jenna Leigh Green and Stephanie J. When Morrible tries to wheel Nessarose away, Elphaba uses her uncontrollable powers to bring her sister back to her. Block as Nessarose and Elphaba in the Original First National Tour Company As in the novel, Nessarose receives the magical slippers as a gift from her father, but they are enchanted by Elphaba , rather than Glinda , to give her the ability to walk. Frexspar would later explain that this was because he did not know for sure whether she was his child, so he instead saw her as the child of him, Melena and her parents' lover: With my neck and lower back, usually.


No one really knows this, but Nessa has a Wicked sense of humor. This would make Nessarose's ability to read it, albeit backwards, in the Wicked Witch of the East scene a bit incongruous. This is likely a tribute to the fact that the slippers are different colors in the Oz novels and the movie. Furious, Nessa casts a mispronounced spell from the Grimmerie , causing Boq 's heart to shrink. When Morrible tries to wheel Nessarose away, Elphaba uses her uncontrollable powers to bring her sister back to her. In the musical, Nessarose is not chosen as a sorceress by Madame Morrible , and while the character of the musical does have arms, she is instead bound to a wheelchair. It is also interesting to note that, in the novel, it is heavily hinted at that the Grimmerie comes from the other world our world , and that Elphaba 's ability to read only a portion of it is because of her half-human, half-Ozian birth. I also loved her relationship with her sister, even if it was difficult at times. Her love and support for her sister. She was secretly in love with Fiyero. There is strength in achieving goals and in day-to-day life despite a major obstacle like not being able to use your legs! Glinda sends Dorothy back home to avoid the political conflict for killing Nessarose. Where does Nessarose get her strength? She has a big heart and big dreams. Even if her devotion was misguided, she never wavered in her love for Boq. With my neck and lower back, usually. Because her father was governor of Munchkinland, Nessarose takes control of the province following his death, and during her rule, she slowly becomes evil and tyrannical. What is something about Nessa no one else knows? One day, Glinda comes for a visit and notices her slippers are coming apart, and casts a spell to fix them. I think Nessa actually loves her sister Elphaba, even though she pretends to be annoyed with her most of the time. Nessa exits the stage, creating a chance for the actors to perform One Short Day. I loved what I interpreted as a shyness about Nessarose. There is an odd strength that comes from loss. David Artavia is an actor, writer and microwave dinner enthusiast in New York City. No arrangements have been made for Elphaba , and Galinda accidentally offers to share her private suite. This is her last live appearance, as she is soon after crushed by Dorothy's flying house caused by a tornado whipped up by Madame Morrible and dies.


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