My life feels meaningless

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The thoughts can range from cynicism, doubt, hopelessness, anxiety fear towards change or just random negativity that goes on in your mind. The only way to really bring an end to this feeling of meaninglessness is by looking within yourself to see what you really desire and stay true to this vision by allowing yourself to trust in its fulfillment. To be honest I am not even sure I know what Joy even is. The best way we can stay light, bright, and content is to keep our perspectives right. Because we are made for more. God showed up and magic happened! I try to hold my peace but so often I weep. Could you please Pray for me?

My life feels meaningless

Could you please Pray for me? As I did this, the pressure and tension was immediately lifted. If we cannot connect with people, we will turn to fantasy movies, video games, reality TV, novels and addiction drugs, alcohol, food, shopping. For some, this could mean a nightly ritual of reading a book and snuggling with your children before bed. Pin it Then one morning, my one year Bible app led me to read the entire book of Ecclesiastes. But when we enjoy where God has us, we get to relish in the gift of Kingdom living. It convinces us that we are unloveable, that others are untrustworthy, that life is not worth living. Our short time on earth is a gift from God and the best thing we can do is enjoy our work. There are more of us than you think. I feel more in control now and am realizing my true God-given strengths. Because we are made for more. It was like the words leapt off the pages, but this time they were full of life and relevance! But not every day is like that. There is such peace in contentment and gratitude! We do this by connecting with someone — someone to give us a different perspective, someone to remind us that life means something. July 17, at 6: If you want to see how much resistance your mind has towards the vision of your heart , just try to hold this vision in your mind for a while and see how many opposing thoughts get thrown up. Sometimes we lose sight of it all. Occasionally, unexpected life events interrupts: The Adrenal Mass on my Left kidney is growing and the doctor wants me to do more tests to check my Adrenal Function and Kidney Function. You may have a feeling for the type of relationship you want to share, and if you stay with this feeling you start becoming a match to this reality where you attract such a relationship. The higher the momentum of a thought, the more repetitive it is, and the higher its pull. Or praying to God every morning. And because we are all a part of the fabric of humanity, your pain and unhealthiness will hurt others too. The mind in its fear likes to keep itself distracted in activities, even though these activities may be taking you in an opposite direction of where your vision lies.

My life feels meaningless

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