Musa bin nusair

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English translation by Torrey of portion of this 9th century work covering the period: Unlike many other authors, such as Ibn Abd al-Hakam , the work is entirely favourable to Musa. A more extensive version of the same legend entered the One Thousand and One Nights in which Musa encounters many other marvels, such as a palace filled with jewels, whose only human occupant was the embalmed corpse of a beautiful woman, guarded by two robot warriors. He planned to rendezvous with Tariq at Toledo, but first proceeded to take Seville , which Tariq had bypassed, and where Musa met stiff resistance, and succeeded after three months of siege. Tariq's army contained some guides supplied by Julian.

Musa bin nusair

It was reported that he began to force guests to bow to him. But Musa dismissed this request, triumphantly entered Damascus anyway, and brought the booty before the ailing Al-Walid I , which brought Musa and Tariq unprecedented popularity amongst the people of Damascus. Spanish translation of extracts relating to Spain, E. Galilee, presumably intending the reader to infer the place of that name near Jerusalem. Musa chose to ignore this order temporarily, knowing that if he did not continue his advance, Visigoth resistance may increase and turn the tables against the Muslims. Background[ edit ] Various suggestions have been made as to his ancestry. Because of his disgrace, and the misfortunes of his sons, there was a tendency among medieval historians of the Maghreb to attribute his deeds the conquest of Tangiers and the Sous to Uqba ibn Nafi. Most of what follows in this section is to be found first in Ibn Abd al-Hakam, then repeated by others, e. An online copy of an older and less reliable 19th-century English translation of the portion dealing only with Spain is at: Arabic text edited with Spanish translation: So the caliph's brother, Sulayman ibn Abd al-Malik became temporarily in charge, and asked Musa, who was arriving with a cavalcade of soldiers and spoils, to delay his grand entry into the city. Musa continued after taking Zaragoza to the north, taking Oviedo and reaching as far as the Bay of Biscay. Conquest of Al-Andalus[ edit ] Note: He most certainly intended to claim the glories brought from the conquest for himself. Martin , Ashgate, UK, vol. The well-defended city fell, and Tariq established a garrison there consisting mainly of the city's Jews who welcomed the invaders, having been subjected to extermination from the Visigoths for centuries. There was some quarrel over missing tax money, and Musa was given the choice: It also demanded that Theodemir not encourage or support others to resist the Muslims, and that he and every citizen of his dominion pay an annual tax in money and other goods. Musa maintained his dignity, saying he recognized it as belonging to someone who had always practiced the faith fervently, and cursed the men who had killed him. The Caliph requested Musa to withdraw and to report in person to Damascus. He then campaigned in the province of Lusitania, eliminating the remaining Gothic resistance there. According to them, [21] Musa was ordered by the caliph to investigate reports of a strange city called al-Baht. French translation by H. Al-Walid I then died a few days later and was succeeded by his brother Sulayman, who demanded that Musa deliver up all his spoils. Unlike many other authors, such as Ibn Abd al-Hakam , the work is entirely favourable to Musa. She asked 'Abd al-Aziz why his guests did not bow to him as they used to do in the presence of his father.

Musa bin nusair

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