Moving past infidelity

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Some of your frustration may be relieved at that point, and you may be ready to make some decisions about your relationship going forward. Understanding the affair and how it happened will help you to get clearer about what led you both to this point in your lives. Moving Past Blame If both partners are willing and ready to move into healing, you will notice a shift happening. In this case, Toby loved his wife very much and did not want to lose her. You may long for the partner who always served as the support system in your life, and that time of innocence before you discovered the affair. Previous research by Finkel et al. In his marriage, he would stuff his feelings and rarely share himself for fear of that conflict or rejection. Don't make any decisions now about what to do with your relationship.

Moving past infidelity

For Carol Corini from Maynard, Mass. In addition, men reported that they would suffer a higher degree of emotional distress in response to sexual infidelity than women did. Both Weiner-Davis and Turndorf emphasize the importance of a good marriage counselor or therapist, the support of family and friends, and ultimately each other, in rebuilding a marriage after infidelity. Forgiveness helps to preserve pre-offense commitment when relationships have suffered a severe transgression. Research by Finkel et al. You may long for the partner who always served as the support system in your life, and that time of innocence before you discovered the affair. If things got loud, he felt very unsafe and would shut down. Both of them understood that exploring these things was not an excuse for the affair, but helped bring about understanding for the purpose of growth, healing and prevention from affairs in the future. Jamie Turndorf, PhD, couples therapist, N. Across the board, however, one of the most devastating relationship transgressions is infidelity. It is important for the cheating spouse to take accountability for their actions and show remorse and a willingness to make amends for a marriage to begin to heal. She made a decision from the start that she was committed to her marriage, and although she was hurting and had angry feelings, she wanted to do what needed to be done to make it work. Initially after infidelity, it can be difficult for you to envision a new, shared future. The Vision Phase When you reach the third phase of affair recovery, the vision phase, it is time to make some decisions about staying together, or letting go and moving on. Toby began to open up in ways that he never did before. They were already using this very painful experience to grow as individuals and as a couple. You have only begun to catch up. Marriage as we know it will be totally different by the end of this century. The authors note that this finding is consistent with research indicating that women are more distressed by emotional affairs than men. As you move through the grieving process, many emotions will emerge, possibly including anger, fear, denial, and eventually acceptance. Together they explored the reasons for the affair and this is what they identified: Forgetting to pick up bread and milk at the store on the way home is far less significant than forgetting to pick up an essential prescription for your partner. They found that after a severe transgression, unforgiveness caused a decline in relational commitment. They vow they would never go back to the kind of marriage they had before and are thankful for the strong marriage they have now. For the one-quarter of married couples who have suffered this breach of loyalty, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, overcoming those feelings can be extremely difficult. Both Shannon and Toby, while not being thankful for the pain of the affair, are thankful for the opportunity it provided for them to grow individually, spiritually and as a couple. This affair lasted for one year.

Moving past infidelity

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  1. Monogamy as we know it is changing in our world and in our culture. I have identified three distinct phases of recovery from an affair:

  2. He felt a sense of relief at his secret being out, his guilt, shame and regret came to the surface and he was willing to do anything to rebuild his marriage and to understand himself and why he would make such an awful choice.

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