It is the eighth car to be released as a Multiplayer League reward, and is part of the eighth Multiplayer Season, Earth Season, which started on April 13, Two of these were built, the first was at an auto show version with limited operational capabilities so I assume that means it had no engine, read a little farther down and you will see it. And, as such, it's not really a concept car but is, in fact, a prototype that will be road-ready by summer. Approximately 30 people 2 from DCX, maybe would be involved with this work, including design, engineering, manufacturing feasibility, testing, and process. On March 25, , it now costs 1,,


A highly modified Mercedes powerplant, it was reportedly designed for Chrysler, and was rated at bhp rpm, with lb-ft. For this team to even make one driveable vehicle or several, as an article stated the car is under development - which, by inference, means there is at least one car and probably five transmission assemblies — at least one for manufacturing development, at least one in a mule car, and least one in the show car, and at least two in dyno testing in under 18 months is nothing short of phenomenal — especially given the money spent so far, which is about average for a non-functioning show car by GM. A large glass roof panel extends from the windshield to the rear header. This ME is powered by a 6. Passenger-side adjustable foot support helps keep the co-pilot in position during extreme cornering maneuvers The ME easily accommodates drivers in a wide range of heights, and provides strong access to driving controls; it includes an F1 racing style paddle shifter. The interior is relatively spacious with Large vented front and rear wheel houses reduce lift; active and passive aerodynamic devices provide stable vehicle performance at all speeds. Use of the AMG engine was dictated largely by the need for high power with light weight around lb and at reasonable development cost; the Chrysler V10 would have been much larger and heavier. The ME, still a Class S car, now has a starting rank of and a maximum rank of , due to its nitro stat being increased. The M stands for Mid. Most off the shelf parts appear to be from Chrysler, aside from the engine. The ME Four-Twelve braking system had massive Chrysler can do in 12 months what it takes Mercedes years.. I promise it will be good. Yes the Viper is not a supercar more like a sports car or muscle car. I took them less than one year to design and build this car. If you look real hard you can see a motor. On March 25, , it now costs 1,, An anonymous Chrysler employee wrote, "I cannot believe that Chrysler didn't get the credit for this transaxle! Blog The Forgotten Cars 13 The Chrysler ME theforgottencars This well built Chrysler was a prototype performance concept car so it was never intended for production, that sucks. The return on investment of this kind of research such as the ME is far more important that most realize! The ME itself was cancelled, reportedly as an embarassment to Mercedes. The exterior design styling was done by Brian Nielander, while Mark Walters designed the interior. Wheels are cast aluminum: Not bad This car was made of Carbon Fiber, Leather Seats, dual-zone climate control so this concept was loaded to the brim. Description The Chrysler ME is a former concept supercar produced by Chrysler in , with only two units produced.


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