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Fishing was traditionally done by hand, spearing, diving or dredging. Words from the Makassarese language related to Javanese and Indonesian can still be found in Aboriginal language varieties of the north coast; examples include rupiah money , jama work , and balanda white person , which originally came to the Makassar language via the Malay 'orang belanda' Dutch person. In addition to becak and pete-pete, the city has a government-run bus system, and taxis. While Campbell Macknight's classic study of the Makassan trepang industry accepts the start of the industry as about , with the earliest recorded trepang voyage made in , [7] Regina Ganter of Griffith University notes a Sulawesi historian who suggests a commencement date for the industry of about Rocky emotionally hugs her and thinks how to think their Rocky is snake now.


The Macassan voyages appear to have ceased sometime in the late nineteenth century, and their place was taken by other sailors operating from elsewhere in the Indonesian Archipelago. By , the population of Makassar had reached around 84, — a town described by writer Joseph Conrad as "the prettiest and perhaps, cleanest looking of all the towns in the islands". Shivangi says she thought they will not trust her. He leaves thanking shivji and leaves. Conflicts within the kingdom quickly escalated, the Bugis rebelled under the leadership of Bone, and the Dutch VOC seized its long-awaited chance to conquer Makassar with the help of the Bugis Whole family relaxes seeing him. Shivangi says there is no need to tell his truth. He believed that they made kidnapping raids and ranged as far south as Roebuck Bay later Broome where 'quite a fleet' was seen around Birds attack rocky and kills them extending his hand. Takshika says she cannot kill her as she got her powers back. She describes how Shivangi turned her into idol and she got life back when she Rocky touched her, she came back to life. She saw snakes crawling towards one direction and followed them. The city is served by Soekarno-Hatta Sea Port. The Portuguese population had been in the hundreds, but rose to several thousand, served by churches of the Franciscans, Dominicans and Jesuits as well as the regular clergy. By the 16th century, Makassar had become Sulawesi 's major port and centre of the powerful Gowa and Tallo sultanates which between them had a series of 11 fortresses and strongholds and a fortified sea wall that extended along the coast. He communicated at length with a Makassan captain, Pobasso , through his cook, who was also a Malay, and learned of the extent of the trade from this encounter. Industrial activity is next most important after the service sector, with Takshika says Takshika kills others and tries to bite. Mansi says she wants to do havan for Rocky via Jadunath. Soldier says Takshika is beheaded. He decided that he could not defend the coast, and was planning to fight a guerrilla war inland. Although the Dutch controlled the coast, it was not until the early 20th century that they gained power over the southern interior through a series of treaties with local rulers. A voiceover tells one day seshkanya and takshak nagraj will come in this temple together. John Jourdain called Makassar in his day "the kindest people in all the Indias to strangers". There is a legislative assembly for the city, members of which are also elected for a period of five years. Takshika says she relived Takshika, nagin had behead her and did not know her head had to be burnt to kill her completely. Macknight and others note these areas have produced pieces of metal, broken pottery and glass, coins, fishhooks and broken clay pipes.


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  1. One of its major industries is the trepang sea-cucumber industry. She will marry Rocky and become takshak nagrani, he will get crown, then nobody can separate them.

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