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Take the traditional route and help your Girl Scout go door-to-door in your neighborhood, ask friends where you worship and family to help her reach her goal. MagNut, which stands for magazines, nuts and candy, is a great way to help your Girl Scout fund the fun she'll have this year. MagNut News There is still a week left for girls to take in-person orders! Save these copies for any further information that your customers may ask. No check box will be available. Girls can take online orders through Nov. Take a digital photo or copy of all the paper magazine orders before submitting them.


Let us know by emailing customercare gswpa. Nuts and candies delivered. Check out our Resources for Product Sellers to help you along the way. Certain offices will have additional product. In-person orders and Reach Out Booklets due: How easy is that?! Banking information will appear on the Financials Tab after the upload. These troops can also participate by completing Reach Out Booklets. Pre-select the girls' recognitions now to avoid last minute changes! There is no more Nut-E! Or Customer Care at Click Manage Orders on the menu. Do not send these to council. Important Dates and To-Dos Now: Choose the selling options that work best for you: We will notify troops via this newsletter once we have uploaded banking information. Complete the Member Information Update Form to update her troop. Be sure to verify that all information on the order forms is complete and legible using blue or black ink. Or, text a shopping link, too! Verify that she has a membership registration. These orders are visible on the Girl Dashboard under the Order Summary tab. Girls who registered for the MagNut Online program last year will a receive a launch email Oct. Submit your in-person orders no later than Oct. If a girl has transferred to another troop or into your troop: If you haven't yet submitted these, please do so now! Save these copies for any further information that your customers may ask.


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  1. Council will add those orders to the girl. The more ways she participates, the more funds she has for her Girl Scout adventures!

  2. The last day for customers to place an online Nut Promise order is Monday, Oct. Currently, the programmers are working on the Rewards feature and Reward Selection is currently not available for all troops.

  3. Share her page on Facebook to ask friends and family far and wide to renew magazines or buy great holiday gifts.

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