Luke and princess leia kiss

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Overacting in the Prequels: Related stories Lego Star Wars game teaser lovingly mocks 'Force Awakens' trailer One very good thing came out of all this sibling weirdness: How much more awkward would that be? Luke Skywalker calls Leia "Carrie" The very first movie features a pretty large blunder. A New Hope, the two happily celebrate the destruction of the Death Star. The Gungan barely talks in Episode 2 and has no lines whatsoever in 3.

Luke and princess leia kiss

Related stories Lego Star Wars game teaser lovingly mocks 'Force Awakens' trailer One very good thing came out of all this sibling weirdness: It's become a popular expression of distaste against edits made to the original trilogy Episodes Overacting in the Prequels: Here's Hamill's response from Wednesday: It's even possible the editors did catch the mistake but found that because so much emotion was put into this take, it should be left in. Actor Mark Hamill weighed in on Twitter to share his thoughts on how Luke felt about the revelation of having smooched his twin. Jar Jar Binks is the annoying Gungan from Episode 1: What scene from the original Star Wars trilogy do you wish you'd been on set for? Watch this short clip from Episode 3 where the main villain, Chancellor Palpatine the Emperor gets really excited while killing a Jedi. That's all you get. Too bad we got stuck with this pain in our backsides. Why did you make us watch this, Mr. After all, when Luke and his mentor observe Leia's hologram in Episode 4, Luke clearly remarks that "she's beautiful. Original Trilogy Edits Ever heard the phrase "Han shot first"? Still, take a page from Palpatine's book and scream "Unlimited Power! Regardless, to see various characters both from Star Wars and other sources humorously react to this awkward kiss, click here and skip to about 35 seconds in. You see, Lucas tweaked some things for the DVD releases of the movies, and many fans are displeased with the results. In Episode 6, an immensely awkward dance sequence is added. Let us know in the comments. I mean, this scene is already awkward enough with Han and Chewie observing; throw in the fact that it's brother-sister lip action, and you almost have some nightmare fuel. Now don't get me wrong, I love the series movies, novels, video games, you name it , but I'll readily admit Star Wars and its creator, George Lucas, have made some pretty baffling choices. Carrie Fisher has not responded to the question on Twitter, but she did retweet this humorous photo: However, there's one scene we all try to forget about: Instead, you allowed the poor guy to pursue his own sister for three years. If it had been intended all along, then you'd think Lucas would have spared poor Luke the trauma.

Luke and princess leia kiss

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  1. If not, it makes the face-sucking scene a little more understandable, though no less uncomfortable to watch.

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