List of podcast advertisers

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Should give you baseline expectations for conversion rates on successful shows. The PodcastOne model is that of a partnership. The 9 Best Podcast Advertising Networks March 22, - 7 minutes read Every podcaster will at some point be looking to monetize and take their show to the next level. In some cases, the studio will be able to not only create and launch the podcast, but achieve long term podcast growth and sustainability. Plus, there are around M Americans that commute to work each day. We have rounded up a list of six of our favorite podcast advertising networks that specialize in connecting you, the podcaster, with your advertiser. AdvertiseCast The process at AdvertiseCast is very simple. A post shared by Daymond John thesharkdaymond on Jan 17, at 9:

List of podcast advertisers

This worked out very, very well for both parties. Consider a small example from this massively successful branded podcast campaign: Join the conversation Your email address will not be published. The future of podcast advertising for marketers is also bright, and an important contributor to growth and branding. Head over to this link for some great testimonials. We have rounded up a list of six of our favorite podcast advertising networks that specialize in connecting you, the podcaster, with your advertiser. If they simply bought dynamically inserted ad inventory, they would have bought an asset that listeners skipped, or that quickly got lost in the digital ether. Successful podcasts are going to have a waitlist of other sponsors knocking down the doors to get in. Since they are currently in limited release, Megaphone is available only to networks and podcasts with average downloads of 20, or more per episode. Authentic may not be for everybody, but will make for excellent representation for if you fit the criteria. The episode you sponsor could be totally unrelated to, or run against, your company culture and brand. Simplicity is key here as the entire process is broken down into three quick steps. Podcast Advertising spend is poised to more than double between now and The PodcastOne model is that of a partnership. Advertisers are able to shop through the over listed podcasts for a show that fits. But, there are ways to create and launch branded podcasts that help make it affordable. Branded content is the single most undervalued tool in most marketers arsenal. Could be more cost-effective to launch your own professionally produced podcast. Check out Megaphone here: Especially original branded podcasts created by media companies with a growing following of fans who trust them, and tune in on a daily basis. For example, Blue Apron has been a big advertiser in the podcast space since the audio boom started. Comes with a guaranteed, existing audience. Archer Avenue Archer Avenue is a true veteran of the podcast advertising game. Im trying hard to make that list! They have been matching great sponsors with the best podcasts and the smartest audience since and developed great working relationships with companies like MailChimp, Dropbox, New Relic and drobo. Branded podcasts are when a brand partners with a media company to create a custom podcast that the media company owns, operates, and grows into a channel for the sponsoring brand.

List of podcast advertisers

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