Impulsive things to do

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Stop using Listerine to cure that infection in your ear gauge. Realize what goes into the things around you that make your life so easy. Write something every day. Either admit that it interests you or shut up. Change your own damn oil. Because you felt like it. Poor people are not hiding in foreign countries; they just shop at a different store than you.

Impulsive things to do

Also, save up for a while and buy an AAA membership. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. And no matter your gender or orientation, being good with kids is a massive plus in the dating world. Find an appliance in your home and take it apart, then put it back together. Plans are flexible When it comes to making plans, sticking to a timetable, or just general time keeping, things are always subject to change. Remember when lazy was an insult and not an emotion? In fact, you were rocking that teal and turquoise look way before Kylie Jenner. Driving miles to try a freakshake? Leave 15 minutes early for everything. Why did you order a pizza at 1am last night? You travel…a lot You always promise that you will start saving some money towards that dream deposit figure, but every time you get a little money together, the urge to travel kicks in. Plus you like the challenge of making a meaningful meal out of the above. Be it Cher Lloyd or Bloc Party, listen to the entire thing and be sucked into their world. Poor people are not hiding in foreign countries; they just shop at a different store than you. Either admit that it interests you or shut up. Remember that you live in this world, not your own, and reality has a way of biting you while your back is turned. Reread a book you were forced to read in high school and go from there. Set some boundaries, but be open to most anything. And always trust your gut Why weigh up the pros and cons of a choice, when you can just close your eyes and let your gut steer you? Read your local news. Hell, even click on a few. Of course it was the best decision you ever made. Like it or not, you are subject to traffic reports and crime rates much more than you are to Paul Ryan. Watch both a sunset and a sunrise. Drive through that area of town everyone tells you not to. Apologize to your partner; you know what you did.

Impulsive things to do

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