How to stop cyberstalking

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Victims of stalking are also more likely to know the perpetrator than one may think. I will also trust the system and hope that my stalker receives the psychiatric treatment she clearly needs. Next, go through this checklist: Many people use Web searches as an innocent way to feed their curiosity about others online. Do check your comments regularly and delete those that surpass the boundaries of your established criteria. But there are still others who do use the Internet for cyberstalking, which has far more serious implications for victims. At the time of this publication, she is sitting in jail and waiting for her trial to begin in January. If the harasser posts comments on your blog, keep copies but also consider unpublishing rather than deleting abusive posts. Back up these communications on another computer or removable memory stick or external hard drive.

How to stop cyberstalking

By doing this, you can prevent a cyberstalker from spreading false things about you through a blog, Craigslist account, or webpage. If you or someone you love is a victim of cyber stalking, please visit the Stalking Resource Center. And the perpetrators are not just strangers. During the month of June , a woman I did not know, who resides in a distant state, began using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to disseminate damaging lies about me. You can find more extensive advice and lists of cyberstalking resources on the following websites: She was then given a psychiatric evaluation and sent home on bail. It also states that women are more likely to be victims of cyberstalking than men. She also figured out my personal email address, and began to bombard me with messages that ranged in content from sexually explicit to threatening or simply incomprehensible and bizarre. My stalker was soon arrested and taken into custody. Online stalkers who are out for vengeance also commonly seek the personal information of their victims so as to damage their character and reputation. Require that people sign up for an account in order to post comments or activate the option to track IP addresses of commenters to find out more about IP addresses and tracking them, go to: More importantly, do not write your passwords on paper or share them to strangers. You should start by following the three fundamentals of online stalking prevention: Has your personal information been exposed online? Using tools such as privacy protection and reputation management, you can both guard yourself against online stalkers and prevent stalking before it even happens. Do not edit or alter them in any way. Social media and networking services such as Facebook and YouTube enact content regulation guidelines that facilitate their business models and have little or nothing to do with protecting the privacy rights of the public. You should search for yourself in several different capacities. Give a firm no and keep records First of all, if you perceive an imminent threat to your safety at any point, immediately contact law enforcement. In addition, the percentage of Asians and African-Americans affected by online stalking has grown annually since WHO started keeping records. But there are still others who do use the Internet for cyberstalking, which has far more serious implications for victims. Many email programs have a filter feature. We list down 6 ways to avoid becoming a victim of cyberstalking. Social media is another common instrument of online stalking. This is a transparency requirement in many countries. I will also trust the system and hope that my stalker receives the psychiatric treatment she clearly needs.

How to stop cyberstalking

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