Girl getting nipples pierced

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Are you taking a tropical vacation anytime soon? Make your own decisions about your own body. You should also avoid touching the pierced area to avoid spreading germs. Is this something you really want? Otherwise, you might snag the piercing and hurt yourself. Figure out the best place to visit instead of making an uninformed, spontaneous decision. It will increase pleasure during sex. If you remove your piercing, the hole will close fast.

Girl getting nipples pierced

You should be committed to it. The last thing you want is to tear your skin and ruin the piercing you just paid good money to get. If you remove your piercing, the hole will close fast. It will be off-limits for months. Are you embarrassed to show a complete stranger your breasts? Just make sure you figure it out before you head down to the parlor for your appointment. After all, most people claim that nipple piercings are the most painful piercings since they are in such a delicate spot. To avoid infection, you are going to have to wear soft, cotton bras for a while. You can choose one or the other. Are you aware of the risks? It will increase pleasure during sex. Do you have enough money for the piercing? You can choose any combination you would like. Make sure you ask about prices before having the piercing done to avoid burning a hole in your pocket. Was getting this piercing your idea? Depending on which parlor you visit, your piercing could cost more than your paycheck allows. Can you handle the pain? You should be proud of it. For some people, the extra sensitivity that piercings create is a bonus. Are you going to take good care of it? So if you have a vacation coming up and your bathing suit is ready, you should probably wait until you come back to have your nipples pierced. You have to be careful. Are you committed to this piercing? Right after you get your piercing done, you want to avoid hot tubs and ocean water. There is a chance your body is going to reject the piercing.

Girl getting nipples pierced

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