Female supremacy dating

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Heck you can write to me: Your reversions to what I edited also removed balance from the article ie: I agree that if this page is to be strictly about BDSM and fetish types, we should make that clear. I get why exectuion of anyone is a horror, and why execution of children is a horror. What attracts me to this type of person…His willingness to serve and accept his surrendering to me! In fact, it can compromise people if it does. Anyway, the whole thing just sounds like a hamfisted attempt at explaining the supremacy of sth they can't get and a desperate attempt to attract girls by holding them up as the greatest thing in the world; typical niceguy stuff.

Female supremacy dating

Out of respect for your request, I'm not going to roll back or undo anything more for the time being, but I will return to this page frequently, and I will edit again at some other point if this page does not change. I must stress that I am not on this site for sex. Never again will he experience the pleasure of an orgasm. Bob Soles talk Does the concept only seriously exist in BDSM culture? You may contact me with your personal information. Sounds like somebody was really mad that he was turned on by a dominatrix when he wrote this bullshit. This is when each male gets his first chastity belt: As for my edits taking away the point of view, I can see your point there as well, but I just so happened to find those "points of view" somewhat irrationale here on Rational Wiki. If you wish us to accept your changes the onus is on you to persuade us why - and barging in and starting an edit war won't work. I reinforced the idea that this page as is, is mostly about the BDSM circle, and opened up a door for you. Given that dominant women are uncommon it is mighty surprising that good submissive men can be hard for some — nice, kind, smart — women to find. In this Matriarchal Female Supremacist state male sexuality passes through two distinct phases. The young men are allowed to spend some time under their own control, enjoying themselves as they wish. I can't fix it, because I can't figure out what it should say. I live in the Infinite monkey cage In fact, it can compromise people if it does. Sounds completely out to lunch, but is it really any different than what the majority of women on dating sites want? Heck you can write to me: Fill out your profile dammit! Partner may seem too neutral a word but each is variously looking for a submissive or perhaps a slave. They seem to be oft-cited stereotypes. The first sentence can't even keep its story straight "Female supremacy is part of the female dominance femdom scene of BDSM, and is a cult-ish offshoot that shares but is not entirely identical with the female supremacy movement at large. Was maggie in power when the Falklands War broke out? As for you, Maratrean, sexuality is not a choice.

Female supremacy dating

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