Characteristics of the romantic movement in literature

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The genesis of the movement can be accurately traced to and the first gathering of the Transcendental Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The most of important characteristic of this form of poetry is imagination. For Transcendentalism was a distinctly American expression, with concerns and ideals that perhaps did not fully translate in England or Continental Europe. The first hints of that particular way of thinking called Modernism stretch back into the nineteenth century. To act against human nature by not allowing reason to rule the emotions--was to descend to the level of the beasts. In the other direction, to attempt to go above one's proper place, as Eve did when she was tempted by Satan, was to court disaster. Many distinctly Romantic tropes echo through the pages of Transcendental literature. Love for the Medieval Age.

Characteristics of the romantic movement in literature

Contrasting features of country and urban life can also be depicted by the portrayal of pastoral life. Meanwhile, the normal society immediately surrounding one's self—e. It helps us transcend the boundaries that are set by rational thinking. In American Literature, the group of writers and thinkers known as the Lost Generation has become synonymous with Modernism. Although Transcendentalism in its proper sense did not last much into the s, American literature as a whole saw a revival that may not have been possible without the inspiration of Emerson, Thoreau, and their ilk. However, he only reluctantly adopted the role of figurehead. That literature would be bold and expressive, and a bit wild, like the land itself. The artists of the Lost Generation struggled to find some meaning in the world in the wake of chaos. At the same time, the psychoanalytic theories of Sigmund Freud had come into mainstream acceptance. They loved to evoke in themselves a sense of wonder at the sight of sunrise or sunset,or a forest path that led into an unknown region. The overflow of emotions depicted through romantic poetry transcends the boundaries of logical reasoning. For Thoreau, retreating to the isolation of Walden was absolutely necessary for his creative impulses to flourish. If the Transcendental Movement had a founding father, then he was most certainly Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is this layering of meanings and contrasting of styles that mark Modernist poetry in general and T. Comic verse abounded in the Victorian era. Ralph Waldo Emerson may have been the father of the Transcendental Movement, but Margaret Fuller had arguably as much influence on its development as anyone else. At the same time, Eliot fully displays all the conventions which one expects in Modernist literature. Other ideals and values that were represented in the literature were even more significant. Nathaniel Hawthorne in particular saw the world through a very different lens. African-Americans took part in the Harlem Renaissance, with the likes of Langston Hughes at the forefront of a vibrant new idiom in American poetry. William Wordsworth strengthened the movement of romanticism in poetry to a great extent. Even if this engagement was mediated through the poetry, the relationship that poets had with their world was very real, and very much revealing of the state of things in the early twentieth century. This form of poetry emphasizes on emotions rather than reason. In contrast to the scientific revolutions which were daily adding to the store of facts, Kant concerned himself with the abstractions of existence — those things which cannot be known for sure. Society would grind to a halt were the whole world to go on leave. He later remarried, only to lose the first child of that marriage to illness as well. In comparison to much of what was produced in England and America, the French were ahead of their time.

Characteristics of the romantic movement in literature

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  1. The father of the movement, an appellation he probably did not relish, was Ralph Waldo Emerson. The husband and wife poet duo, Elizabeth Barrett-Browning and Robert Browning conducted their love affair through verse and produced many tender and passionate poems.

  2. The death of Margaret Fuller took much of the steam from the Transcendental Movement. It was a sin against God, at least wherever rulers claimed to rule by "Divine Right.

  3. Other ideals and values that were represented in the literature were even more significant.

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