Calculator with alphabetic keyboard

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Before , calculators were either mechanical or electronic devices with heavy tubes. All of the early calculators were ten rows high, and most were nine rows wide. The keys on a telephone may also bear letters which have had several auxiliary uses, such as remembering area codes or whole telephone numbers. Both the touch-tone key pad and the all-transistor calculator were made available to the general public in the early s. When it came time to match letters of the alphabet up with the numbers, putting across the top made a lot more sense because it was the most natural way to get ABC in the top row.

Calculator with alphabetic keyboard

This study involved testing several different telephone-keypad layouts to find out which was easiest to master. A calculator A computer keyboard usually has a small numeric keypad on the side, in addition to the other number keys on the top, but with a calculator-style arrangement of buttons that allow more efficient entry of numerical data. Calculators were arranged from the beginning so that the lowest digits were on bottom. Yet the numbers are reversed. The tone-recognition technology could not operate effectively at the speeds at which these specialists could dial the numbers. When designed the new touch-tone keypad, putting the 1 on the top-right didn't make much sense, because Western writing is read from left to right. Thus would be given out as KL Even today, fast punchers can render a touch-tone phone worthless. The first theory deals with the telephone's circuitry and tone-recognition hardware. It's a neat theory, but it isn't true. The calculator was the other. The answer, apparently, was a big shrug. The invention of the Push-button telephone keypad is attributed to John E. Many laptop computers have special function keys which turn part of the alphabetical keyboard into a numerical keypad as there is insufficient space to allow a separate keypad to be built into the laptop's chassis. Feldman, David ,Why do clocks run clockwise? Additionally, on a rotary telephone, the "1" hole was at the top, albeit at the top right. A theory we have often heard is that the phone company intentionally reversed the calculator configuration so that people who were already fast at operating calculators would slow down enough to allow the signals of the phone to register. Another theory is based on the layout of a rotary telephone. The key pads on the first calculators actually resembled old cash registers, with the left row of keys numbering 9 on top down to 0 on the bottom. A wonderful question, gentlemen, and something that I have puzzled over myself. From the beginning, hand-held calculators placed on the top row, from left to right. When it came time to match letters of the alphabet up with the numbers, putting across the top made a lot more sense because it was the most natural way to get ABC in the top row. Origin of the order difference[ edit ] Although calculator keypads pre-date telephone keypads by nearly thirty years, the top-to-bottom order for telephones was the result of research studies conducted by Bell Labs Human Factors group lead by John Karlin. The time is the late s. They could hit the numbers extremely quickly, which was great for data entry, but not so great for dialing a touch-tone phone. The modern four-row arrangement debuted with the Sundstrand Adding Machine in

Calculator with alphabetic keyboard

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  1. Todd Campbell is a writer and Internet consultant living in Seattle. Data-entry professionals, and others who used calculators fairly regularly, were quite adept at navigating these keypads.

  2. Why is the keypad arrangement different for a telephone and a calculator? The answer, apparently, was a big shrug.

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