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A laid-back man with a thick-skinned attitude toward war, Mu is casually boastful of his preternatural abilities, sometimes calling himself the man who can make the impossible possible. Junichi Suwabe - Minerva bridge personnel; helmsman. During this time, Lacus and Kira grow closer to each other and he seemed to have developed feelings for her. As Riika gets close to Ile, Morgan warns her to stay back because Ile is about to spread a virus that attacks quantum computers. The two friends were stunned by each other's presence in the battlefield. He is voiced by Takayuki Inoue in Japanese. In contrast to his piloting capabilities, Kira is shown to be inexperienced with handguns, preferring not to use them, as shown when he throws a gun at an assailant during a terrorist attack instead of firing it.


Later, when the Archangel is undergoing repairs at Orb, Kira ends his relationship with Flay. Much of his role is to provide a sort of comic relief. Initially trained the EA's mobile suit pilots, but was later reassigned as a combat pilot herself. The young lady collapsed in the revelation of Alliance mobile suits in a neutral colony like Heliopolis, blaming her father for the disarray of events. Lacus tells Kira that he is safe and that he can stay as long as he wants to. Mami Koyama - appointed captain of Minerva, possesses excellent ability and great decision making skills; she is shown sharing her quarters with Durandal wearing nothing but a bed sheet wrapped around her, which started speculations regarding their relationship. Later, the two of them are sent to gather supplies. After the event, Flay blames Kira for not protecting her father from the ZAFT pilots because he was trying to protect his kind, shaking him. Lewis Halberton [GS] seiyu: Canard then reunites with his special forces comrades who had deserted the Eurasian Federation alongside him to form a mercenary group. When Gai Murakumo fights with Lowe Guele and successfully bring the Red Frame close to the control room, the situation reverses and Garcia was held hostage by Elijah. Kira asks Andrew to stop because the battle is over, but Andrew is determined to keep fighting until one of them is dead. During this time, Flay pretends to be in love with Kira in order to stay with him, breaking up with Sai. Orb joins the Earth Alliance, forcing Kira and Lacus return to the Archangel and take up secretive residence in the Kingdom of Scandinavia. When Malchio is visited by Athrun, the reverend consults with him. Yuuki Tai - Minerva bridge personnel, weapons systems. Blue Cosmos terrorists attack, targeting Andrew. He is voiced by Takehito Koyasu in Japanese. Meriol seems to have romantic feelings for Canard. He is known to be dedicated to the well-being of his nation and uncompromising on his own ideals and the ideals of Orb. Unbeknown to everyone, someone else was watching the final duel between the two friends - Junk Guild tech Lowe Guele. When he finds out his unit is to be dissolved, he defects, breaking out of Artemis with the Agamemnon-class Oltugia. Sutherland's comments in the course of this hearing, which reveal his own prejudice against Coordinators, provide a hint as to his real agenda: Kenji Nojima - Minerva bridge personnel, mans the sensors and secondary systems station. Horrified, Kira goes catatonic as the Strike goes into freefall.


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