Band stand bandra

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Many couples try to reach near the sea front stepping over big rocks leaving no stone unturned. When I doubted their motives behind apprehending everyone he told me that they can round up anyone here on breaking law because they have immediate police back up. They keep on breaking and making, many showing license of amorous first love, many trying to rediscover and redefine old days. The fort exists in the form of old walls and ragged parapets. Forts remind us of glory, the history, the belonging. You have park, awesome view of sea link and breathtaking view of Mumbai skyline.

Band stand bandra

Delhi has its own empirical red carpets and green signals but Mumbai thrives on a different note. The big waves are more wholesome than any of your personal amenities, sound of the sea is more sonorous than any of the melody you can compose. Mumbai, Bandra, Band stand: Women of all kind, college girls and even Burqa clad ladies stroll in the wholesome air. They have Sea side cafe on the edge of sea, they have spas and gyms and they have long promenades to share. Still ahead there are two cages holding hens with same fate as of parrots. As the lovers are around everywhere here in different poses, it reminds of stone idols of Khajuraho posing differently, balancing expertly. It reminds liberty and joy of life literally. Only catch is this place closes by 7 pm so if you want to stay late in Bandstand visit fort first and can sit in Bandstand after that.. Just near the entry point, dozens of parrots are confined in triangular 8 by 8 by 8 feet cage. Many famous people live around it and many non-famous find themselves privileged to enjoy the anonymity. I loved everything about the place, rocky sea shore gives a different sight and delight than regular sandy beach. May be some other day! Otherwise it may not be long when some public interest litigation sue them for cruelty. From fort it can be seen amid a gorgeous landscape with high pillions and flashing lights in the night. There are also some other animals like ducks and rabbits which are enjoying a bit better life , they roam in open pond and around. Some modifications and lot of plantation and grassing affords an open but cozy place to sit around, have fun and watch the big Bandra-Worli sea link. Many love couples keep sitting snuggled up here. May be the Sanjay Dutt case and his public demeanor afterwards infuse an air of confidence in law. Many can go to the edges of sea to listen the waves, to play with snails and to splash the water. This is the only way you can do fishing here if you are not trained and even this needs a hard work, fishes are very agile. Do the contradictions are still bigger than life. Then they throw some stones into sea, sit on band stand to passively watch the waves but still discussing about these stars and their filmography. Or my assessment is an outsiders photographic lens, are they different from inside. Here you can find people young and old, women and men, collegiate and clergies having a walk side by side. Once you are there, you must visit Bandra fort.

Band stand bandra

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  1. A lean boy was noticed while spitting on the promenade area and immediately he was rounded up in a corner by guards of the place. It is home to about orphan children living as well as studying here.

  2. Once you are there, you must visit Bandra fort. As if we want to feel the force by which we were ruled someday or by which those rules were uprooted, by which we were subdued or by which we stood to our cause, by which all inequalities were created or by which we kept on developing to resist, to stand up.

  3. Their children play in the same streets, travel in the same buses, go to same schools and love in the same way on the edges of sea.

  4. Towards south of it lies an amphitheater which is occasionally a venue for some cultural or theatrical happenings. You have park, awesome view of sea link and breathtaking view of Mumbai skyline.

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