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This factor is critical because "the issues of the public interest and harm to the respective parties largely depend on the constitutionality of the [state action]. For these reasons, the Court finds section is likely unconstitutionally vague and invalid on its face. In Glenn, the court held a group of religious leaders—who espoused anti-homosexual beliefs, but explicitly denounced violence— lacked standing to challenge the federal Hate Crimes Act because they did not allege the intent to "willfully cause bodily injury" to others required for liability. If anything, the only evidence in the record to shine light on this discrepancy is that the original Washington bill—introduced several months before the advertising offense was added to the Tennessee bill—contained an explicit requirement that an advertisement contain a depiction of an actual minor. Defendants argue the law does not conflict with these goals because "the CDA was enacted to protect minors from obscene material on the internet" while protecting free speech, and the state law also "protects minors" because it "punish[es] only the conduct that endangers minors.


As such, it cannot survive Backpage. The Court finds this linking of two unrelated sets of minors has no support and is unlikely to succeed: Conflict Preemption In addition, the Court finds section likely conflicts with the CDA because the state law "stands as an obstacle to the accomplishment and execution of the full purposes and objectives of Congress. Thus, the Court finds section likely is preempted by the CDA and therefore invalid, both facially and as applied to online advertising services, such as Backpage. Because prostitution involving subjects of any age is illegal in Tennessee, Defendants argue that a minor's age is not an essential element differentiating innocent and guilty conduct that requires scienter in section Thus, the law makes the offense a Class C felony punishable by imprisonment and significant fines, and does not allow for a defense of ignorance of a minor's age. In addition to user reports, Backpage. The CDA was meant to protect minors who surf the Internet from exposure to obscene materials; the state presents no evidence that these are the same minors who would be the victims of sex trafficking protected by section The state law at issue here is not identical in effect to the federal law, as section would criminalize a swath of activity not reached by 18 U. Procedural History On June 27, , Backpage. Thus, they argue, "[t]here is nothing to show that any prosecution has been threatened, is imminent, or is even likely. The potential for "speakers to remain silent rather than communicate even arguably unlawful words, ideas, and images" is heightened with criminal statutes because criminal convictions carry social stigma and the risk of imprisonment. That case is not before this Court, and here the Tennessee law is judged against the First Amendment. The Court reads the statute's element of scienter similarly to Defendants. On August 31, , forty-six state attorneys general sent another letter to Backpage. Agent Quin also asserted that "[t]he internet has become a favored means of advertising the availability of children for sex" and that, after October , Backpage. That is, whereas the government could criminalize sexually explicit, but not obscene, materials involving children, it could not regulate the same materials featuring adults. It also contained a provision creating an affirmative defense, if the person prosecuted could establish, by a preponderance of evidence, that he or she made a bona fide attempt to ascertain the minor's age by verifying a government identification. In addition, Defendants claim that "commercial sex trafficking of children is a serious problem in Tennessee" Doc. Defendants do not argue that any of these activities has any connection to the sex trafficking of minors in Tennessee. The state statute is likely inconsistent with the CDA because, while section prohibits laws from treating interactive computer service providers as the "publishers or speakers" of third-party content, the state law nonetheless imposes liability on websites such as Backpage. Second, the Court cannot ignore the state's thinly veiled threat to enforce the law against Backpage. State of New York, holding that "[t]he Constitution requires proof of scienter to avoid the hazard of self-censorship of constitutionally protected material and to compensate for the ambiguities inherent in the definition of obscenity. Legislation in Washington In January , the Washington state legislature introduced a bill, SB , that would have created criminal liability for a person who "knowingly sells or offers to sell an advertisement that would appear to a reasonable person to be for the purpose of engaging in what would be commercial sexual abuse of a minor, if occurring in this state. For instance, a description on a Backpage. Defendants do not dispute the breadth of possible interpretations of what constitutes a "sexual act," apart from quoting a sweeping statement from United States v.


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  1. Under the law, a person risks incurring criminal penalties for selling, or offering to sell, notices or announcements "that would appear to a reasonable person to be for the purpose of engaging in what would be a commercial sex act Because the state law imposes no liability for hosting free advertisements Doc.

  2. In this action, Backpage. Defendants respond that this is not a constitutional requirement and, even if it were, the state law contains sufficient scienter.

  3. In determining that the negligence action relied on treating the website as a publisher, the Ninth Circuit explained "that publication involves reviewing, editing, and deciding whether to publish or withdraw from publication third-party content.

  4. The statute might also apply to a personal ad by the same twenty-five year-old on a paid dating website that is purposefully coy and playful, but has no connection to prostitution, much less child sex trafficking. Civil Liberties Union, U.

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