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Finally, this space is designation for celebration. Because our liberation after all, is intimately connected. The minute I cracked it open, I was flabbergasted. In fact, JooJoo Azad was born from hate. Many of which were part of a blog that he did for the Mail and Guardian in his native South Africa back in Specifically, I was moved after this attack in particular to create a space where I could yell on the internet. Thousands of Kashmiri Hindus, a minority group known as Pandits who lived alongside Muslims for centuries in the valley, were forced out of their homes when separatist groups pushed for independence in Yet, despite it having my three least favorite subjects; sports, African politics, and corruption, I found myself buying it anyway.

Azad chat

Encounters with A Desktop Terrorist, did this to me. Meaning we are celebrating beauty that extends beyond the rubric that the media has so kindly and so narrowly defined for us. Fanatic feminists, Viagra monologues, and football is not spared from his acerbic wit and pensive insights. With chapter titles like Curry Stained Stud Muffins, one would expect to read about the great traditional heritage Indians brought to South African culture, however it is the opposite. In the Mountains of Kashmir I learned a few things along the way: And this is especially prevalent in the fashion industry. Hate that I have experienced physically, verbally, mentally, emotionally, and wholly, and that my oppressed sisters and brothers and siblings have and continue to experience daily. I cannot rely on anyone but myself to tell my story and the story of my people. From his experiences as a South African with Indian roots. Finally, this space is designation for celebration. The site of the country's most notable protests and demonstrations. He loves and hates equally-with unadulterated passion. I'm not going to let the media render me what I am not. On my own terms. Azadi "Freedom" Tower, Tehran, Iran Essentially, we are using this platform to promote that which successfully entwines ethics with aesthetics. This is what JooJoo Azad sets out to do. We are taught to link material products with emotions. JooJoo Azad is active resistance through art and writing: This guy can write a mean metaphor. A celebration and documentation of us as Muslim, Middle Eastern, women, and radical. Most recently, Hoda has launched BecauseWeveRead , an Instagram-based radical, international book club with meet-ups in cities around the world, working to uplift and celebrate stories of those whose voices are systemically silenced. Fashion is a beautiful art form and language of self-expression and communication, yet the fashion industry is one of the most destructive forces on the planet behind the prison industrial complex, USA imperialism, the patriarchy, and crocs, of course. It's harder to find than you think. For now, we know that we are dedicated to promoting a minimalist in terms of consumption, not style of clothing way of life.

Azad chat

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