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An link in a bibliographic record in the library catalogue can take the user directly to that document in Allectra, with an intervening login screen only if the item is copyright protected. Printing All users can choose to print the documents delivered through Allectra. To show the scale of this pilot project, during the winter term, the 85 documents on Allectra for 22 courses at the University of Calgary were accessed more than 5, times. China has made significant progress in the field. Fremantle was , then metadata record would include a document URL of http:


All subsequent clearances have gone through Ms. We are just finishing the migration to a MySQL database. Some of these benefits cannot be derived through traditional means, and this added value is difficult to quantify in dollars: This usage information can be quite important for course planning. The actual citation, and information about the availability of the item. The instructor's view Instructors have access to a report that provides the usage of items for their courses. Staff members are experts with extensive training and market experience. CanCopy should have access to Allectra to satisfy themselves of proper use. Because of all these requirements, one of the key elements of the electronic reserve project was demonstrating effective and secure copyright management to CanCopy. They are not charged for copyright or access, but they do have to pay for the printing by swiping their Campus Cards in the General Meters print control station. In addition, they can: China is an emerging worldwide leader and investor in the scientific sector. The resulting Learning Enhancement Envelope LEE grant was to be used to develop an electronic reserve platform for the University of Calgary, the University of Alberta and Red Deer College, with the University of Calgary as the 'lead institution', responsible for development and implementation. Allectra uses a single long screen for all record types. Post announcements Post onscreen messages an example would be for the Freedom of Information and Privacy statement Add institutions Change the wording of system error messages Change the hosting and uploading locations of documents Add metadata fields Add messages and error messages in other languages or for specific institutions. To date, these have nearly all been. It is usually much cheaper to provide the student with a paper copy at the reserve desk, and it is also probable that the processing costs for digital delivery will exceed traditional costs by two or three times. The system administrator's view System administrators are able to do many extra tasks, chiefly associated with security see section on authentication. We are working through those issues now. Among these problems are: We are very well known in all of the major research centres in Europe and America, but our approach to the Asian market, apart from Japan, has been mainly reactive. What is probably more interesting is the flexibility the system exhibits in its authentication structure. The University of Calgary and the University of Alberta do not have identical licensing agreements with CanCopy, which may pose some small difficulties with system security requirements. The largest single expense after programming was the cost of an IBM RS server with 52 GB of disk space -- enough to run the software and to store at least the first few terms' digital documents. Printing at an attached printer -- as at home for instance -- is, of course, free. An electronic reserve facilitates access to readings in a way that paper reserves simply cannot do.


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  1. We have experimented using a Linux server with a standalone version of Allectra for the University of Calgary's Health-Education Cluster.

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