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The staff in all areas are just wonderful. Thank you for creating such a wonderful system. I know I'll need it again. I use my Hotspot. Can't wait to see how you improve things.


Recommendations to other buyers: It's polished but flawed-obviously not created with input from the grooming world. I need something where I can do that type of thing and it send her a courtesy reminder that a payment is due and what date and the amount. Everyone has always listened to what's going on and has directed me in what to do. I use my Hotspot. It's really easy to use and not that hard to figure out. And we add in a bag of food to the ticket when needed and she pays that too. It would be cool if you could come up with a way for me to use it remotely, like making appointments and such, and when I'm back with Hotspot on it automatically loads what I did. I'm boarding a dog and have been for 5 months for a veterinarian getting her house I wanted to set up the long term all at once. Thank you for creating such a wonderful system. Therefore I can't use the mobile features I'd like to. The one unique thing I need is the ability to create a long term boarding ticket that allows me to go back to it and add payments into it and show the date and amount paid and it deducts it from the amount owed. Rep called to check up on me and let me know rep had moved up and he was there to help anytime I needed it. They have taken my suggestions down for things that would help my unique situation and given me a process to use until new features come out to get things done. Can't wait to see how you improve things. Not sure how that works but just a thought. She agreed to a certain amount each month. And it's nor a prepaid service. Not a subscription type or monthly thing like say Massage Envy does. Then sends her a paid invoice for the payment. And would be really wonderful if there was a link on it for her to make a payment right then and it logs it to my system automatically. It's a situation I've seen before in a Kennel situation and I think would be beneficial in the future. The staff in all areas are just wonderful. It let's me do everything I need to in all the areas of my business. I looked a several different types of software but yours, hands down, is the best! Example I currently have going on


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